Outdoor Church

Outdoor Church

BYOLC (bring your own lawn chair)

Due to changing Restrictions Outdoor Services are now allowed without capacity limits as long as physical distancing can be maintained. (6ft)

Indoor services can have 15% capacity in each room.

Beginning June 13, we plan to make use of both venues and hold two indoor/outdoor services at 9:30am and 4:00pm

The pastor will be outside, but the service will be livestreamed into the auditorium (max 70 people) and through the FM transmitter (if you need to stay in your car.)

The nursery will be open for infants and toddlers (following daycare protocols set out by the Ontario Government)

Further practical guidelines for the services:
• Please bring your own lawn chair, Psalter, and Bible (there will be extra Chairs, Psalters, and Bibles if you need them!). You may also want to bring an umbrella to protect from sunshine or in case of mild precipitation.
• Please sit only with members of your household.
• There will be speakers projecting the service across the lawn. Please do not bring radios and tune in, as there may be a slight lag while using the FM station.
• The regulations allow for outdoor worship services but not social gatherings. Please be aware of this in the way that you interact with each other following the service.
• Please reserve some spaces in the parking lot for those who would like to remain in their vehicle

What time will the services be?

Sunday’s at 9:30AM and 4:00PM

Where do I park?

You can park anywhere in the parking lot, but Please leave some room near the podium for people who may wish to stay in their cars.

What station should I tune into if I want to stay in my car?


Where can I find the songs to sing along?

If you have Psalters, we encourage you to bring your own. There will be extra song book available if you need them.

Will there be Washrooms?

Bathrooms are open for use. The side entrance by the mailboxes (around the right side of the building) will be unlocked for additional access. There will also be a room available inside for nursing mothers.